Steve Wagner


Steve Wagner is the founder of Integrated Shaman Shamanic Practice, a member of The Foundation for Shamanic Studies, an author, ordained minister, and a paranormal investigator.



He attended twelve years of private education concluding with Little Rock Catholic High School (1977). Returning to college later in life, he graduated summa cum laude from the University of Central Arkansas with two business degrees.



His exploration of World Religions at the UCA Honors College led him back to his indigenous roots, a formal study of Shamanism, and other spiritual practices. During his training he was designated “fireman” for the Lakota inipi (sweat lodge) and vision quest.



He established the Shamanic Journey Circle and Earth Medicine Chakra Workshops at the Academy of Holistic Arts in Little Rock in 2016. He held Teaching Circles at his home 2017 through 2019, and in 2020, he developed the Shamanic Consciousness Integration (SCI) neo-shamanic holistic energy treatment, integrating a full-spectrum chakra-biofield healing with the ancient ritual of Soul Retrieval. Steve also performs house clearings, removing negative spirits, entities, and energies from homes and property.



Steve published SIMPATICO: Reconciling The Disparity Of Spirituality, Ancient Wisdom, and Modern Science and An Essential Supplement To Simpatico in 2021, and Practical Ways To Be More Spiritual in 2022 ( He made his TV debut in 2023 in the paranormal pilot The Others Side produced by Creep Street Productions, now streaming on Paraflixx and Amazon Prime.



At Integrated Shaman, I promote an eclectic and inclusive approach to shamanic practices, drawing on ancient wisdom, contemporary sources, and various belief systems. The result is a unique mixture of shamanic traditions and interrelated modalities directed at your holistic spiritual health.



The focus of this healing is to correct and reverse the fragmentation and dysfunction we all experience in our mind-body-spirit, our energetic selves, and our psyches. Treatments include but are not limited to comprehensive chakra energy healing (balancing, aligning, activating, etc.), the ancient ritual of soul retrieval (consciousness restoration and integration), spiritual counseling, and post-treatment recommendations.


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The Others' Side now streaming on Amazon Prime
The Others' Side by Creep Street Productions
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